Yep, that's us!

Primal | Exodus | Mist | Ward 20 | Plot 34
- Mist Northwest Subdivision Aethernet Crystal -
Open Thursdays, 8pm-11:30pm PST!
(Hours are accurate as of April 2024)

Rules of conduct

1. The Green Gaelicat is a SFW venue. Please keep your ERP off public chat!
2. This venue is a safe space for LGBT+ patrons.
3. Be respectful to others. Toxicity and rude behavior will result in a blacklist.
4. Minions are allowed, but please dismiss them if it gets crowded.
5. Please stow and hide your weapons before coming down to the tavern unless you have a good RP reason not to.
6. Unsolicited headpats for all lalafells cost 10k gil each!
Musical performances are welcome! The stage is always open.Unless you say otherwise, we will assume that you are not interested in direct RP with a host if you do not approach one at the bar/counter. We will, of course, still come to your table to take your order!Hosts will prioritize RP with patrons using the /roleplaying tag.

About Us

Well met and well come, traveler! The Green Gaelicat is a family-owned bakery and tavern.
RP is welcome, but not required.
Hosts will initiate RP with patrons sitting at the bar!

WHO WE AREThe Green Gaelicat is a relaxed RP venue with an underground tavern vibe. We love telling stories and are excited to hear yours!

SPECIAL THANKSMany thanks to our Free Company, the Wayfinder's Lantern, for assistance in financing and furnishing our venue!

THE GAELICAT CHALLENGEThere are 7 Gaelicats hidden around the venue. Is your eye sharp enough to spot them? Find them all and receive a Gaelicat Special on the house!

Interested in renting the venue out for an event?
We do wedding receptions, bachelor parties, work retreats, and more!
Contact Jakikazu or Lolori for details.

Staff List

Jakikazu Lolonori & Lolori Lolonori - Owners

Llama Neeson & Zivi Lhisti - Entertainers & Suppliers

Yuzuzu Yuzu, Matthew Cwinswozsyn, & Ambagai Ugund
Bakery Superintendant, Master Brewer, & Barkeep
Beloved NPCs <3

Message Book archive

The message book can't contain your fervor!
Whenever the ingame message book gets full, messages will be archived here for posterity.

October 2023"Super cozy, and all food and drinks are prepared from scratch. Highly recommended"
- Anode Zap (Exodus), 10/19/23, 10:42 PM
"Very cute venue!!!"
- Etoile Luneis (Leviathan), 10/13/23, 12:14 AM
"Lovely place!"
- Claire Rozae (Excalibur), 10/12/23, 11:59 PM
"Nice cozy lil' place. Can't believe it took me this long to finally check this place out. Love the aesthetic and the people here!" ((Jiero wrote a cute lil emoji here that I can't replicate))
- Jiero Guud'al (Exodus), 10/12/23, 11:57 PM
"Tried out the Scones they make fresh each morning, absolutely worth the trip from Kugane! Would recommend to friends 10/10"
- Maefic Montesquieu (Exodus), 10/7/23, 1:24 AM
"Lovely spot, will definitely come more often."
- X'kale Tia (Exodus), 10/6/23, 1:22 AM
"nice" ((in response to a funny number of likes))
- Naheo Jagaimo (Excalibur), 10/5/23, 10:01 PM

September 2023"A lovely place to chill out and relax in ♥️"
-Myriad Thane (Excalibur), 9/29/23, 1:08 AM
"Lovely place sweet couple of owners."
- Gemi Berry (Ultros), 9/29/23, 1:00 AM
"a wonderful stay here will make another trip!"
- Blight Norsenia (Siren), 9/22/23, 1:04 AM
"A nice and inviting venue. May or may not have hallucinated here."
- Ratri Pomene (Adamantoise), 9/21/23, 11:13 PM
- Demetarius Masones (Excalibur), 9/15/23, 12:33 AM

August 2023"I missed you, and i'll miss you again. Thanks for the lovely place, friendship, family, and... You know, a lot of good things. Be safe you all, cyaa next time!"
-Morgana Alicegawa (Seraph), 8/25/23, 1:04 AM
"Shanty the Sea of the Sea Shanty Sea"
-Minty Bean (Lamia), 8/18/23, 1:06 AM
"Twas so nice to see you all again ♥️ The place still lovely, and people so chill..."
-Morgana Alicegawa (Seraph), 8/17/23, 11:34 PM
"Comfy, welcoming place with great staff, I like it here."
-Lyko Karlis (Behemoth), 8/11/23, 1:06 AM
"cute cafe!!"
-Moon Lyte (Lamia), 8/10/23, 11:48 PM

July 2023"Lovely cafe, feels very cozy =3"
-Wakkle Tumbledrack (Faerie), 7/27/23, 10:35 PM
"A very lovely and cozy place."
-M'welhi Tuhn (Lamia), 7/7/23, 1:01 AM

June 2023"Very lovely place! I'll be sure to visit again!"
-Maristela Asturia (Famfrit), 6/30/23, 1:11 AM
"I wondered why it was called Gaelicat and it turns out they were hidden!"
-Nao Nori (Excalibur), 6/30/23, 1:08 AM
"Drinks that r emind me of the Noscea classics. Nothin' like 'em really. Good company, atmosphere. Sorry 'bout the pool table."
-Osiris Fadel (Hyperion), 6/30/23, 12:31 AM
"Love this cute little place, keep it up!"
-Scryn Snowfall (Famfrit), 6/29/23, 11:36 PM
"The staff is always friendly! Keep up the great work!"
-A'kit Tasui (Behemoth), 6/29/23, 11:24 PM
"Great place, one of my go-tos! It's so relaxing."
-Cinnamon Xochitl (Behemoth), 6/29/2023, 11:24 PM
"Your choice of fashion is curious."
-Vasilissa Amaya (Exodus), 6/29/23, 11:02 PM
"Cute cozy place! I love the energy the came from all the employees and patrons here! <3"
-Annie Vysbyrd (Exodus), 6/29/23, 10:40 PM
-Valor Darling (Lamia), 6/15/23, 11:50 PM
"A goblin was here?!"
-Naheo Jagaimo (Excalibur), 6/15/23, 11:15 PM
"Muchlyfine eatingplace! Uplander sweetfoods are tastytreats worthy of shortbreaks after longlywalks and workingtimes. Bigthanks, Green Gaelicat!"
-Picklox Jinglydrops (Goblin), 6/14/23, 2:31 PM
"food was amazing and i also found all 7 gaelicats! my day has been made, 10/10 will be back again!"
-Sugar Queen (Siren), 6/9/23, 12:54 AM
"naheo was here"
-Naheo Jagaimo (Excalibur), 6/8/23, 11:59 PM

May 2023
(World data of patrons stops being recorded at this point due to game update.)
"my first night here was so fun the entire NA servers crashed! :D"
-Milk Webkinz, 5/19/23, 9:42 PM
"we threatened the ball so hard we broke NA. sorry about that! see you soon :)"
-Stoneclaw Bootytoots, 5/19/23, 8:31 PM
"Please stop the clientele from spreading rumors of the supposed fireplace ghost. It vexes me greatly."
-Orphasa Ulfrafen, 5/19/23, 2:48 AM
"The theme is adorable and the food was fantastic."
-Meteor- Survivor, 5/12/23, 1:09 AM
"'Tis a beautiful place you have here, and wonderful food. My compliments to the owners!"
-Aymeric De-borel', 5/12/23, 1:09 AM
-Hezzqyb Toegwyrstwyn, 5/11/23, 7:46 PM
"Love relaxing here and the hosts are wonderful!"
-Naheo Jagaimo, 5/4/23, 9:05 PM

April 2023"Yummy breab :3"
-Asher Aureliana, 4/26/23, 3:55 AM
"Twas goodbye for now. Hope to see you all again someday."
-Morgana Alicegawa, 4/20/23, 11:52 PM
-Stormy Snow, 4/20/23, 9:37 PM
"amazing bakery! thanks for having me and my sister <3 -Seraphine"
-Seraphine Crystal, 4/20/23, 9:37 PM
-Phoebe Severs, 4/13/23, 10:37 PM
"There was a fat chocobo the size of a lalafell in the fireplace. 10/10"
-Isolus Rose, 4/6/23, 10:18 PM

March 2023"I love the treasure hunt and the staff is wonderful. <3 Thanks so much for a fun night!"
-Pixy Roo, 3/31/23, 1:02 AM
"Wonderful place! Good vibes and fun atmosphere!"
-Jin Skigahara, 3/31/23, 1:01 AM
"Drink +1"
-Mikino Tsumetai, 3/30/23, 11:48 PM
"It was lovely to meet the dynamic duo of Jakikazu and Lolori! This tavern is so lovely and the Chai tea! <3"
-Chobi Luck, 3/25/23, 12:39 AM
"It took me ten years to find out the answers to something, I forgot about it in two seconds. That's about IIIIIIT!"
-Dami Cherry, 3/21/23, 10:19 PM
"Happy to have gotten here just before closing to see an old friend!! Hope to stop by again ♥️"
-Cinu Pupurin, 3/17/23, 12:59 AM
"Very friendly and interactive staff, had great service and pretty great prices. The environment is very cozy. Will definitely come here another time."
-Xena Dise, 3/17/23, 12:59 AM
"Love this place! Staff is very kind. Food was wonderful. Plenty of friendly faces I hope to meet again!"
-X'iao Toan, 3/17/23, 12:55 AM
-Morgana Alicegawa, 3/17/23, 12:39 AM
"Very adorable and warm environment!"
-Sonder Lee, 3/17/23, 12:26 AM
"This place is adorable, and the scavenger hunt was wonderful. Thank you!"
-Tolusetseg Noykin, 3/17/23, 12:13 AM
"Femboy approved, even if the floors turn to lava and the lalafell knows how to walk through it without getting hurt. 10/10"
-Temmo Cocorya, 3/17/23, 12:12 AM
"Comfy, cozy, cute spot I'll very much come back to."
-Tara Ficcone, 3/10/23, 12:59 AM
"Cute lil place!"
-Sherbet Fragaria, 3/9/23, 9:51 PM
"Cute! :3"
-Yaoi Overlord, 3/9/23, 7:28 PM
-Ethia Mornhardt, 3/3/23, 12:27 AM

February 2023"I'm glad I was able to bring in yet another gaelicat to this diner"
-Aerow Mcbowface, 2/3/23, 1:05 AM
"A lovely, welcoming and cozy establishment! Congratulations on the grand opening. ♥️"
-Vlado Duskasch, 2/3/23, 1:03 AM
"congratulations on the grand opening - all the best wishes for many, many more to come!"
-Violetta Oliveros, 2/3/23, 1:01 AM
"Hint on where the Gaelicats are hidden: They are hidden."
-Vivyn Animesian, 2/3/23, 12:09 AM

January 2023"This place looks amazing! I can't wait til it's open! <3"
-Zivi Lhisti, 1/29/23, 8:31 PM
"How much is that Au Ra on the top shelf?"
-Hezzwyb Toegwyrstwyn, 1/29/23, 7:47 PM
"Everyone I know loves coming here! But also... everyone I know is addicted to bread, so go figure! :)"
-Quesa Dere, 1/27/23, 9:17 PM
"Turns out, it's pronounced "Gayla Cat". How about that?"
-Jakikazu Lolonori, 1/27/23, 5:00 PM

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